Monday, 16 April 2012

Marching On Together, Regardless

I'm deeply ashamed of myself for forgetting blog as much lately. Naughty Smudge. Will try resolve this.

First off, I HATE KEN BATES! Along with pretty much every other Leeds United fan out there. The guy is murdering our fine club. Its becoming a joke, and not one am finding funny. So sooner he does one the better. First off he sells our best players, Maxi Gradel (Who everyone knows I loved)...GONE! FOR PENNIES!!! Jermaine Beckford...GONE!! On a freebie!!! Who's gonna be next? Snodgrass? Becchio? PAYNTER?! God only knows.

Actually am pretty sure alot of Leeds fans wouldn't mind Paynter gone, but as his number 1 (and 99% of the time only) fan at Leeds, I have stand my ground. We've been through the mill together. Even when he went to Brighton, and I fell for another man (Alex McCarthy), I still hoped he would return to Leeds and find his feet. Well turns out all it needed was a new manager at Leeds, and a chance. And boy did he take that chance. Albeit not at the Derby game when I was there, he decided wait a few days, get a start in the first 11 and then bang not 1, but 2 goals in. WHILE I WASN'T THERE!!! Oh how badly do I regret not going Peterborough game now :(
His 1st goal he couldn't miss...The 2nd though... very well taken. :) Made me proud.
Along with Paynter, my heart is taken by a new player. An American who goes by the name The Robbie Rogers. He is stunning. Dare I say he even puts King Billy in the shade... (Sorry Billy <3)
But unfortunately Robbie keeps getting injured so we don't really know how well he can play. Espec now he's out for the reminder of the season :(


Fit isn't he? ;)

As well as a new Lufc crush, we now have a new manager. I'm not sold on him still to be honest, but I think its because we still have Simon Grayson's team, and until summer Neil Warnock has to deal with them. Will be fun see who he brings in over the summer, maybe even see "The return of Alan Smith". Dare I wish?

Talking of a certain Mr Smith, thanks to Lufc and twitter I have now found a friend, who is more obsessed with Alan than me. While I flit from LUFC crush to crush, this lass has been a one man only machine! Yes Georgina am so outing you ;) Had the pleasure of meeting her at the Derby game. She's lovely!! :)

Oh, and finally, What do you get the girl who has shown more support for one player in the team, than any other? Who has cheered him on when all others doubted him?
Why this of course...

Oh Yes... Signed by the legend himself!!! All for me :) Happy Smudgey!!

<3 Love, peace, and Paynter lustings to all, and to all a good night :)

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Yet another high goal scoring dramafest at Elland Road

Last night saw Leeds United play Barnsley in a very anticipated derby game. After losing 5-2 at Barnsley Every Leeds fan was looking for revenge. Myself included. As a early birthday ticket I was finally going to my first home game of the season. Can't believe its taken me so long. And the game was definitely worth the wait.

As myself and Mister Lunn walked down for the bus to Elland Road we both discussed how the game could go. I was certain of a win. Maxi Gradel, Luciano Becchio, Robert Snodgrass and Billy Paynter (Yes...The Billy Paynter who is yet to score for Leeds United) were my favoured goalscorers. However I was also pleading for a clean sheet. Boy was I disappointed!!

But first I had a more pressing matter to attend too. For the last 2 weeks I have .... impatiently bugged my twitter followers about my tickets having not arrived yet. Even started a daily Postie Watch. Gave me some laughs any road! Anyway Tuesday came...Still no tickets so after a call to the Leeds ticket office (9p a min and on hold for 8.5mins!!! - Robbing Bates!!) I was finally put through for a 15 second conversation that ended in me getting duplicate tickets to pick up at the game. So as well as paying £62 for 2 tickets (that never arrived) in the first place, also had pay an extra sum of cash just to get duplicates! Not impressed.

Finally armed with our tickets we entered hallowed ground. Neither of us had been to a game this season so we were glad to be back. Rejoicing I ordered a pint of Lager for Mister Lunn and a pint of Blackthorn Cider for myself. I drank half of this cider before realising why I stopped drinking Cider in the first place. Its not very good!

Having bought my matchday programme, we took to our seats back in old NEL stand! Apart from my first ever game at Elland Road, where me and my best friend Lesley sat in the West Stand, I've never sat anywhere else. Nor do I wish to change. I like NEL...espec when the lads do corners. ;)

Not long after finding our seats the first half kicked off. Though for Leeds it seemed as if they'd forgotten they were playing and not warming up as within 2 minutes Barnsley were ahead. Heads in hands, we sighed as yet again the defense of Leeds broke to pieces. We couldn't possibly lose to Barnsley again could we?

It was not long after though that Leeds seemed remember they were actually playing and decided to wake up. After 23 minutes a big relief came to the Leeds fans as Luciano Becchio scored from a header, and the Leeds faithful shouted their hearts out. After that things improved with Max Gradel scoring from a penalty to make it 2-1 in Leeds favour.

Leeds seemed to be in control with a load of missed chances. Whistle blew 10 minutes later for half time.

A smile was back on my face, and I headed out to see other half time results coming in. Yet within 3 minutes of the second half starting the smile was wiped from my face as yet again the Leeds defense messed up and saw Barnsley's Matthew Hill score. The groans were intolerable, and we seemed to go from bad to worse as just 3 minutes later Bradley Johnson was sent off, leaving Leeds with only 10 men.

From where I was sat I didn't get a good view of what exactly happened, but it seemed like a soft decision. Even people in front didn't seem to know what had happened, laughable even as one fan said moments later, "We should take Johnson off he's not doing much. Get somma on." Only to be told by his neighbour that Johnson had just been sent off. Embarrassed much?!

Despite the sending off Leeds struggled on, and made two substitutions. Bringing on Somma and Sanchez Watt for Becchio and Snodgrass respectively. Bang went my Snods scoring prediction then. Yet a few minutes later, and with 20 minutes left in the game a miracle happened. Out of nowhere Max Gradel got the ball and rocketed the ball into the net. Leeds 3 - Barnsley 2. Elland Road went ballistic!!!

Sadly it seemed the defense were falling asleep again, and without the 11th man, Leeds found themselves troubled again. Along with some very dodgy linesman and referee decisions, Barnsley were finding themselves in the game again. And after the referee awarded them a corner (when should of been a Leeds free kick) Barnsley took advantage and pulled it back with Kieron Trippier making it 3 all with 9 minutes to go. The Leeds fans seemed to die down a little however it seemed that Barnsley were happy to see it finish as a draw and thats the way it finished.

Alot of Leeds fans were rightly disappointed on the bus back to city centre. Johnson's sending off was a joke...Barnsley were lucky not to have gone down to 10 men in the first half in the incident that created the penalty Gradel scored from. And worse of all, yet again our defense was appalling.

It begs the question of how exactly Leeds can stop the rot. Teams are catching up with us. And while starting the season most Leeds fans would of been happy just staying in the Championship, sitting in the play offs for the last few months has seen most expectations rise. My own included.

Personally I can't wait to see Kisnorbo fit again. He's definitely one player we miss in Defense. The only decent player in our defense was the new loanee from Aston Villa, Eric Lichaj. As usual Max was his persistent troublesome self, and with two goals was my man of the match.

Although we are drew, we are still 6th and I am still to see Leeds lose at home while I am there. Maybe am a good luck charm?

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Leeds United Hokey Cokey

Well the official January transfer deadline has now passed and as usual its been quite busy at Leeds. Its like doing the Hokey Cokey. You get players in, you get players out, you mix them all together and you shake them all about. Though granted its been more players out than anything. Surprise exit was Andy Hughes. While the guy hasn't really played much of a role for us it was still sad to see such a well liked Leeds player leave after a good spell at the club. Wish him all the best at Scunthorpe.
Also being taken off the wage list was Andy Robinson. Yes, Bates finally got him to agree leave the club (and the Elland Road pies). He's now joined Enoch at Tranmere. Other players leaving were Aidy White (loan), Bessone (Loan), Jason Crowe, Collins, Tom Elliot, Alan Martin, & Darville. Incoming saw David Gonzalez come in on loan from Man City, And George McCartney back at ER for another loan spell. And just in the last few days Leeds have agreed a deal for Eric Lichaj to come on loan. Tis exciting stuff!
Less exciting was watching the Arsenal replay. We lost 3-1 at Elland Road. Was still proud of the Leeds boys tho. Awesome team spirit was shown.
As for looking forward to my first home game of the season against Barnsley. Self bought birthday pressie!!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

2011 - Year of the mighty whites!

Here we go with Leeds United,
We're gonna give the boys a hand,
Stand up and sing for Leeds United,
They are the greatest in the land
Alrighty Leeds fans.
HAPPY 2011!
And what a start to the year. So we drew against Boro, lost to Cardiff and drew in the FA cup 3rd round to Arsenal, but we are still 5th in the league, and earned a home replay against Arsenal with the winner taking on Huddersfield at home in the next round. Recent news is Arsenal are struggling to rustle up the fans buy their allocation. WHO THE FUCK ARE ARSENAL FC?! Their support is terrible! Watching the game the other day I commented to Andy how quiet Arsenal fans were. All you could hear was the 8000 loyal Leeds fans who were lucky enough get tickets. We had over 10k applications for tickets to trek all the way to London, yet Arsenal...PFFT! Mind you after their loss to Ipswich last night and the fact they drew (and weren't particularly amazing against Leeds) I can understand where they coming from. If I am honest I keep hoping for a tie with Bolton to crop up. For those who don't know am from Bolton but live in beautiful Leeds after a xmas move.Boy did Santa deliver this year ;)
Anyway back to what I was going on about. I'd love a tie against Bolton, what with half my family being Bolton fans and also my best friend, Lesley. However the good people (ha ha) of FA keep messing up my plans when it comes to draws. In the last two seasons we've had quite good form against the Premierships "big clubs". Only lost 1-0 to Liverpool in Carling Cup, Won Manc Scum 1-0, Drew Tottenham away (lost the home game replay tho) and now drawn against Arsenal. Only Chelsea (from the "big 4") to take on. Which seeing my parents are Chelsea fans I half dread. I was talking to a fellow Leeds fan who has a Chelsea supporting father, he wanted us get Chelsea in the FA cup draw..and another Leeds fan has a Chelsea supporting son, and one has a Chelsea supporting brother. Bloody Chelsea fans are EVERYWHERE!! And its a well known fact Leeds have a old rival with Chelsea...Not to mention we now have ex Chelsea chairman, Master Bates as our chairman. If we win Arsenal and Huddersfield...Maybe Chelsea tie will happen. Who knows. Though like a lot of Leeds fans rather see Leeds playing Premiership fixtures would be an regular fixture next year if we focus solely on the league. Then we'll show um!
Not saying the players we have now are all Premiership standard but except the Arsenal draw, the other games we played as a League 1 team...Shows just how good a team we do have (when they can be arsed to do their jobs!).. We definitely have players who will fit in at Premiership standard. Kasper, Andy O'B, Becchio, Snodgrass and Howson for definite would all make an impact. And with the Arsenal game showcasing their potential am dreading the transfer window. Hope none of them get snapped up.
With talk of transfer window comes up the regular "who's coming to Leeds?" rumours. As usual am full of "ALAN SMITH" shouts, however nothing as yet has come of it. Except that Amdy Faye has been released from the club, meaning Smudgers old number 17 shirt is available...Just saying ;)
Theres also rumours of ex Leeds boy Jonathon Woodgate also possibly making a return on loan. Would be a good swoop by Grayson if he can pull that one off. Although he's been on injury table alot, he is still a very good defender when fit. Him and A.O.B at CB? Sounds promising. Espec with very little sign of Kisnorbo back soon.
Kisnorbo was seen back at training this week at Thorp Arch, however Grayson's ruled out rushing him back. But am sure his appearance at training will be a good thing for the team.
Also making comebacks are Bessone (Eeeek!), Naylor (Aggghh), Missakick (Oh No!) and Mikey G (Grrr). They all played for the reserves tuesday night and Mike even got himself a goal. Hopefully he'll go back out on loan. The guy frustrates me. Hate how people proper rate him and beg for him have a chance, only for him blow every chance! =( Missakick is another who can go back on loan. Probably end up back at Carlisle or off to the other Leeds rejects club Swindon.
Anyway, am looking forward to Feb. Hopefully I'll get see my first game of the season. Feel crap it'll be a year since I was last at a Leeds game =( BAD EMMS!!
Toodles for now...
Emms x

Thursday, 30 December 2010

End of year report!

Hello poppets!

First things first....


End of the year...and my beloved Leeds United are 4th in the Championship! We were on the cusp of seeing out 2010 2nd, but thanks to some bad refereeing and questionable linemen decisions...4th we are. And to be honest I didn't think this time last season that we would be where we are. Not that am complaining mind. I know how super our team is. (At least till you get to the defense... )
And not only are we 4th. We are the SECOND most inform team in all the leagues. Beaten only by Fergie and his band of scum! 11 games unbeaten = Happy Emms!!

As its the end of the year here is my thoughts on the past 12 month as a Leeds fan:


January saw us beat the scum! Then after a dip in form we held Spurs to a draw at White Hart Lane, only to lose in the replay at Elland Road. 3 great games against Premiership teams whilst we were still only in league 1. Not that most Leeds fans don't already know we belong in the Premiership anyway. Beware Arsenal Jan 8th ;)
Then our form improved again and saw us 2nd in the league for most of the remaining season with Millwall, Charlton and Swindon all biting very closely on our heels. So closely that even on the last day of the season, any of us could of taken 2nd place and automatic promotion. However as is always the story, the best team won and after 3 years in league 1, Leeds United players gave the fans what they wanted. PROMOTION!! Elland Road went absolutely bananas!
In the summer break whilst waiting for our first game in the Championship we said farewell to Jermaine Beckford.
A personal favourite of mine, I was very sad to see him go. (Not so much now that he's getting splinters in his ass while we climbing up the Championship without his help..Who needs Beckford?!) Though Beckford deserves some credit.. The goals he got us were all gratefully received...espec the goal against Man United which seemed to go in slow mo across the line!
Anyway new faces came in, including Billy Paynter, Kasper Schmeichel, Federeco Bessone and Sanchez Watt returned once again on a year long loan.
I was particularly happy about the arrival of Paynter. In our 2 meetings against Swindon in 2010 Paynter scored 2 goals each game, catching my eye. Whilst he may not be the best looking of the now Leeds Squad he is a player I'm excited at watching more.
Anyhoo more players came and Leeds started to look very promising.

The new season started with a loss to Derby, then a draw to Notts Forest, and then a 3-1 win against old league 1 rivals Millwall. With another two wins after Leeds seemed to be settling into the league and looking quite good till a shock 5-2 loss to nearby Barnsley.. Ooops! Not long after Leeds saw themselves battered again in a 10 goal thriller at ER between us and Preston. Preston taking the 3 points with an epic 6-4 win! One of the worst beatings I've witnessed as a Leeds fan. Yet one more battering was waiting to happen to Leeds, when in form Cardiff scored another 4. However since then Leeds have been on an unbeaten run. SG seems to have sorted the rot. Not perfect yet (espec as the last two games have shown us - 2-0 up and end up drawing 2-2 and 3-3 respectively). Luciano Becchio has been enjoying the role as our solo striker, bagging an impressive 12 goals so far this season.
Leeds have so far scored 44 goals this season, and conceded 40! :o Sat in the league on the same points as Cardiff and Swansea but just below on goal difference.
2010 has been one hell of a roller coaster ride for Leeds fans, and am sure 2011 will be just as enduring.

So I'll leave you with a little of my "Emms Leeds United awards 2010"

Enjoy :)

Best Player of 2010: Robert Snodgrass (Runner Up: Becchioooo)
Young Player of 2010: Aidy White (Runner Up: Howson)
Worse Player of 2010: Naylor (Runner Up: Bessone!)
Player to watch out for 2011: Billy Paynter (Runner Up: Maxi Gradel)
Best game of 2010: Winning ManUre 1-0!!!! (Runner Up: Bristol Rovers Promotion game)
Worse game of 2010: Losing 6-4 to Preston. (Runner Up: Losing 3-0 to Swindon)
Best signing of 2010: Maxi Gradel (Runner Up: Luciano Becchio signing new contract ;) )
Worst signing of 2010: Bessone! (Runner Up: Capaldi)
Goal of the year: Jermaine Beckford against the scum!! (Runner up: Beckfords winner against Bristol)

Happy New Year Everyone. MARCHING ON TOGETHER!!!

Sunday, 5 December 2010


Ok so first off...I've been bad and not written for toffee during the season! Bad me!
Secondly...How fooshing awesome are Leeds doing right now?! 6th in Championship, despite losing by some big results this season. Grayson has turned things round since our last defeat, Cardiff 4-0, 7 games ago!!!
The last week has seen alot of snow fall in Leeds, and I think a big THANK YOU needs be said to the groundsmen and woman who have managed pull off Project Buckingham (get the palace on). So Thanks!!!
Quite a few games got called off all over the UK, so am very happy that the Leeds game went ahead, we won and are still THE BEST TEAM IN YORKSHIRE!!!
So far the player of the season for me has to be Luciano Becchio. The guys a little trooper...and is doing amazingly well seeing he's not an out and out goal scorer. Last season he managed score 17 goals for us...despite having Jermaine Beckford up front with him. This year...he's already onto 11. 11!!!! I think someones enjoying not having play Mr Beckford on for goals ;)
My second player of the season has be Kasper Schmeichel. I wasn't too keen on him when he first arrived. Mainly because I loved Higgsy last season and was sad see Higgsy drop to numbero 2 in the pecking order...I now completely see why! Kaspers been a god send. A fantastic signing by Grayson!

Another good signing has been on loan player Andy O'Brien. Out of favour at my hometowns team (Bolton Wanderers) he has strengthened our defense since his arrival. And impressed me so much!!! GRAYSON...SIGN HIM UP!!

So...Leeds are doing great and am even more happier as come the new year I will be living in Leeds myself so will be able get to games more! I cannot wait!!!
Knowing me I probably won't write till after new year so here's a few things am looking forward too:

1. Obviously more games !!
2. Billy Paynter getting more games!
3. Hopefully seeing Leeds trade Bradley "Long range shooter" Johnson for Andy O'B!!
4. Less goals conceeded!!!
5. More goals for us!!!
6. Alan Smith on loan in January??!! (A girl can dream!)

Think I'd best get this list off to Santa Grayson...

Bye for now!

Emma "Mrs Smudger" xx

Sunday, 30 May 2010

LUFC, thats the life for me!

Welcome to my debut blog. The idea for this is A. To put down all my thoughts about my beloved Leeds United, and B. to write transfer rumours/news and anything else I can about the best team in the world.

First off a little about me.
I've supported Leeds United for nearly 12 years. They've been an emotional rollercoster, from Champions league glory to relegation struggles. Currently on a high from the promotion from League 1. Something that took us 3 years to do but we won't dwell on that now. This last season saw me achieve my dreams of attending a game at the hallowed ground that is Elland Road. I've visited before but never been inside and watched my team play. This is mostly due to the fact am not actually from Leeds. Am from across the pennines. Thankfully not in the city of scumchester!

Supporting Leeds United is one of my proudest parts of my life, bringing my daughter up as a Leeds United fan is another. Hey she's only 4 but kids gotta learn early :)
My current favourite player is probably either Becchio or Snodgrass. Maxi Gradel in a close third. But my all time favourite Leeds player has to be Alan Smith. Its him I have to thank for seeing the light and becoming the Leeds fan I am today.
After watching Alan Smith make his debut for Leeds in November 1998, I fell in love with him and the team he played for. And although he parted ways with us I'm proud to still be a Leeds United fan. Unlike him I didn't jump ship when we got relegated from the Premier league.

So enough about me.

Right now Leeds are promoted to the Championship, along with Norwich City and Millwall, who won the play off final yesterday. Would of been happier if Swindon had won, mainly so wouldn't of had deal with the Millwall fans boasting against Leeds for yet another season. Oh well, shit happens!
As of Friday Leeds no longer have their leading goalscorer. Kinda sad, Jermaine Beckford was an awesome player, although lazy at times, and without his 31 goals this season its doubtful Leeds may of gone up at all. So Bon Vogage Mister Beckford.
And Bonjour to Kasper Schimichael. Son of former scum goalkeeper. Apparently he's a good little keeper, we'll have wait and see if he can make it in the championship. Feels weird swapping one danish goalie called Casper for another.

Guess thats it for now. Hopefully Leeds will keep the good times coming, lots of good signings and come August lots of winning games so maybe next season I can be sat here saying we got promoted to where we belong, the Premiership.

LUFC forever!